Set and Setting – A Vivid Memory (Prosthetic)

Thursday, 14th August 2014
Rating: 8/10

With equally dreamy art to adorn its cover, Set and Setting’s second offering of instrumental post-metal is the kind of music to let your mind wander off with. A Vivid Memory is a conceptual album, based on the tragedy of death as seen from the insider and outsider perspective. Meant to go through the cycles of emotion present with such an event, just peering at the song titles such as “Coping,” “Acceptance,” and “Emptiness,” it’s quite clear that band has followed through on their goal.

Personally, instrumental bands can be quite hit or miss, but due to Set and Setting’s use of atmosphere and melody, A Vivid Memory comes out a winner. As a conceptual album about dealing with death should be, there are ebb and flow, ups and downs, and it’s all very well written into each track. There’s a little bit of droning, a bit of ambiance, and even some prog (nothing noodly though). Of course, the piece that does stand out the most are the post-rock/metal melodies, particularly in the more driven segments, such as on opener “Waves of Luminescence” or “Acceptance.” There are a few times that the band really kicks things up and pushes towards a post-black vibe, with “Coping” and “Descending Sun” bringing some suitable heaviness into the band without causing any disruptions. “The Last Night, A Vivid Memory” brings things to a close in a grand fashion, going from a gloomier beginning towards a warmly melodic ending.

To convey the emotions of death without using words takes some elegance and ingenuity. Thankfully, Set and Setting take both of these elements into consideration with A Vivid Memory. Those looking to settle down and ponder the meaning of it all should definitely check this one out.

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