ReviewsRavage – The Derelict City (Self-Released)

Ravage – The Derelict City (Self-Released)

Serving a two-fold purpose to test drive new material to make up for the long gap between releases over their career while also get some fresh product out as the band tours Europe for a month with fellow Massachusetts bands Seax and Lich King, Ravage continue to impress with their traditional meets thrash-oriented brand of power metal on The Derelict City. Consisting of four new tracks plus a special cover tribute to a favorite local band now defunct by the quintet, it’s apparent that the core of the group being together for over 20 + years nets huge dividends for internal chemistry, seasoning, and a sharp attack when it comes to these tracks.

The intuitive rhythms and twin harmony aspects that axemen Nick Izzo and Eli Firicano employ come from the best 80’s to early 90’s aspects in the business. One listen to the galloping nature and blitzkrieg Maiden-like engagement for “Chief of Lies” or the clean to heads down crunch on the follow-up title cut and you’ll be hard pressed not to windmill, headbang, or throw dual devil horns high to the sky. Sneers, wails, and screams come natural to singer Alec Firicano, his delivery one that takes equal influence from steel determination as it does from his own unique ways of phrasing and holding out specific notes – showcasing a love of Halford and Dickinson but also Lizzy Borden. The faster, heads down thrash effort “New Age Survivor” showcases all facets of the man’s voice, matching up to the machine gun riffing and shape shifting rhythm section work of bassist Tommy Grimaldi and drummer Derek Jay. The closing song “Demons Are Forever” is a tribute to the New England metal scene of old, a song by the band My Pet Demon who Ravage played many shows with and felt the need to give their work it’s just due.

A preview of sorts as the band work on a double-album release down the road (one of new Ravage songs, the second a continuation of New England metal songs as a tribute), it’s a great time for the band to be so productive when the quality is on high like this. Timeless, energetic, and ready to obliterate stages live- those who love Riot, latter day Liege Lord, and NWOBHM influence taken to power/thrash levels need The Derelict City immediately.

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