ReviewsPersefone - metanoia (Napalm)

Persefone – metanoia (Napalm)

Never one to stick to the ‘new album every two years’ schedule, Persefone finally make their return after 2017’s triumphant Aathma.  The progressive champs know how to serve up material that doesn’t stick to the script, engaging in many influences to design a poigant yet complex sound, and Aathma brought forth a more ethereal vibe to the band.  It’s also something that metanoia continues along with, furthering the flowing nature of the band’s works and adding even more of a ‘album as a journey’ approach.

metanoia is a sprawling release that really seems to flow as a single unit.  The band moves masterfully between tracks, or even just within one, as they tend to be lengthy cuts that sway between more atmospheric and gentle, as well as more explosive bouts of heaviness.  That said, there is more of a gloomy feel to things at times, such as “Aware of Being Watched,” which also effectively pulls it into heavier, groovier segments (not to mention the ear-popping bits of tasteful tech-flavored melodies).  Other songs like “Merkabah” hit hard with crunchy riffs and abrasive screams, but seem to know exactly how to switch gears into something more beautiful and serene.  Likewise with the closing trilogy on the album “Anabasis.”  The way the band can switch gears from something gentle in Part I to something that occasionally pushes melodeath territory to a climatic build in Part II, to lush and gorgeous in Part III has the cinematic ups and downs that alone are worth the price of admission.

Perhaps a term that doesn’t get much use in metal, metanoia is at it’s best because it manages to be pretty.  The gentle side of the band can be breathtaking, but equally stunning is how they can seamlessly move into heavier territory without losing that feeling or making it feel out of place.  A great release for those who want a proggy yet digestible experience that can knock you off your feet.

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