Nervous Impulse/Anüs/Unsu – Daily Grind (More Hate Records)

Monday, 25th February 2019
Rating: 7/10

Sometimes it does seem like the best way to experience grindcore is in short doses. A 3-way split between grind acts often fits the bill, in giving each band about 10-ish minutes to show what they can do without it feeling repetitive. Or in other words, they can grind to their hearts desire.

First on the chopping block is that of Nervous Impulse, who take their grind with a heavy dose of death metal. Frenetic blasts and assaulting riffs are often accompanied by moments of groove, and with lengths of 2-3 minutes, aren’t the typical “hammer away at one tempo” type grinds, and effectively feel like ‘songs’ instead of ‘noise.’ Cuts like “Pump Your Brakes” operate as a battering ram, but one you’ll remember when all is said and done. The next act, Anüs, is a tough one to describe. The frantic pacing of grind is there, but alongside it is some slam influence (along with flamenco guitar in “Tangore”). It’s explosive yet somehow murky at times. The tipping point for some here will be the vocals, which straddle the line of absurdity with utterly low ‘dying frog’ croaks/gurgles and high pig squeals that sound like they came from the animal itself. Unsu represents the most ‘grind-y’ of the three acts, with nothing but short, brutal burts of about 1-minute tracks that rely mostly on pure speed and caustic riffing to level the listener’s speakers. But the groove/grind feel is here, and is distinct from the other two acts on the bill.

Always nice to find a well put-together split, particularly with bands that occupy the same genre but still have an undeniably different sound. Sure, they all walk the death/grind space but each has something slightly different to offer and are worth a look if you need a new band to discover. Daily Grind is anything but a chore.

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