Leaves’ Eyes – Myths of Fate (AFM Records)

Friday, 22nd March 2024
Rating: 8.5/10

Going strong within the symphonic metal scene for twenty years now, Myths of Fate marks the band’s ninth release. Surprisingly, yet not so surprising due to COVID, this is the band’s first release since 2020 with The Last Viking. No strangers to the Viking and Celtic themes over the years, this time as the name states, Leaves’ Eyes dive into some Viking and Eastern European myths as their lyrical fodder as the bombastic and grandiose sounds of their brand of symphonic metal ring just as clear as ever. In short, the band delivers on everything that their legacy so far would lead you to believe.

Leaves’ Eyes greatest strengths has always been twofold: their ability to craft a variety of different songs when focusing on a particular topic or theme, and their tremendously powerful soundscapes that they place this variety into. Myths of Fate serves only to strengthen those notions, as the band conjures up some impressive tracks that meld heaviness and melody into an immersive atmosphere. Triumphant,  almost melodic death metal-esque folky romps such as “Sons of Triglav” and “Sail With the Dead” carry some potent synthwork that brings you to the battlefield so to speak, while rumbling guitars and Alex Krull’s roars augment with thunderous energy. It’s the soothing yet soaring clean vocals of Elina Siirala and melodic disbursements that seal the deal with these songs, providing a fitting yet catchy element that gives the songs even greater power. The album’s quietest track, “Goddess of the Night” brings with it a lavish fantasy element that effectively suits the gorgeous ballad, with some strings and acoustic guitar to bolster Siirala’s beautiful singing. “In Eternity” sits at the more melodic end as well, but with some heavier riffing to give it more gravitas and an epic, almost Celtic feeling that serves as an excellent personal tribute. To look at the more symphonic elements, songs like “Who Wants to Live Forever” and “Fear the Serpent” sit as fine showcases for what Jonah Weingarten brings to the table this time with the orchestral pieces, elevating the epic Leaves’ Eyes truly into the stratosphere with extra power.

An easy sell for fans of the symphonic metal genre and Leaves’ Eyes followers, Myths of Fate is Leaves’ Eyes at their finest. They somehow continue to up the stakes with their sound and push it into more massive and powerful states without losing the grounded, emotional impact that they have showcased over the years.

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