Kryptos – Force of Danger (AFM Records)

Friday, 15th October 2021
Rating: 9/10

Racing rhythms, simplified choruses, supreme tempo control – an all for one mentality towards the cause of heavy metal. Arising out of the India scene, Kryptos now can be seen as a reliable act on the international front thanks to high quality output over the past few albums. Force of Danger is their sixth studio record and third for AFM Records – seeking to maintain that traditional heavy metal with power, speed, and agility factors that makes for a raucous good time through every successive airing. Adhering to an ‘all killer/no filler’ attitude, the execution, performances, and production/tones present ensure Kryptos delivers memorable material from first guitar salvo to the final musical ending.

The start of a heavy metal record is crucial to setting the tone for the entire proceedings – and these musicians understand you must front load albums with some crushing anthems or get lost in the wind. The double salvo of “Raging Steel” and “Hot Wired” achieves those aspirations due to a mix of stimulating spider web-oriented guitar maneuvers, catchy gang-like choruses, and blitzkrieg solo work that contains everything from power to thrash and melodic tricks of the trade. The sneering voice of rhythm guitarist Nolan Lewis may not necessarily evoke any Dickinson, Halford, or Dio comparisons – but he gets the job done for Accept-like numbers such as “Dawnbreakers” and the title track that draw influences from Ron Royce of Coroner put through a more commercial prism. The precision and tightness for every song allows the smaller details to shine that much brighter – be it the locomotive drum charge of Vijit Singh during “Thunderchild” or the Maiden-esque instrumental angles that come forth during “Omega Point”. Expect a production that registers well in more of an analog/80’s-period – you can feel the electricity at a safe distance, donning your denim and leather, bullet belts and headbands, ready to rock for the night.

Most metalheads know that it’s tough to develop records in the modern age that could ever rival Screaming for Vengeance, The Number of the Beast, Holy Diver, or Balls to the Wall for legacy. Kryptos do their best to create powerhouse material through Force of Danger that raises fists, adrenaline, and those strength in numbers movements that we all desire out of the best heavy metal musicians.

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