Incite – Built to Destroy (Minus Head Records)

Wednesday, 23rd January 2019
Rating: 7.5/10

Sometimes it’s just all about the groove. Incite have been doing the groovy, thrash metal act for quite some time now and Built to Destroy is the band’s first release in three years. With the modern metal feel, and some tweaks in composition over time, Built to Destroy gives fans of this ilk plenty to enjoy over the course of its runtime even if it doesn’t change the face of metal as we know it.

Built to Destroy is aptly titled, with each track having a straight-ahead attack that is all about deploying explosive riffs as often as possible. Whether it’s on the thrashy and speedier side, or the monstrous grooves that the band is happy to dish out, the biggest strength of the album is undoubtedly its riffs. It’s one of those albums that is very hard to sit still and enjoy, because you are bombarded with material that really wants to you get up and move. The title track, “Leech,” and “Resistance” are all easily placed into this category, though you are hard-pressed to find a single track that doesn’t get the blood pumping with its energetic riffs. There’s also a significant number of solos that the album succeeds with. With such an emphasis on groove, it’s nice to hear a subtle melody (“Ruthless Ways”) or a shreddy approach (“Hate for Life”) that breaks up the tempo or gives the track a little something extra to remember it by.

Entirely focused in its goal of memorable grooves, Built to Destroy accomplishes its mission with success. It’s a visceral experience that is meant to grab you and not let go until the last note is over, and it does so while keeping some catchy riffs in the mix so that you want to return to it later to get your body moving once more.

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