Devangelic – Ersetu (Willowtip)

Friday, 15th May 2020
Rating: 7.5/10

Up to this point, Devangelic have delivered two hyper-brutal efforts in death metal that have been effectively labeled ‘relentless.’ Given the nature of the way these bands tend to function, with the third scoop of brutality in hand here with Ersetu, that’s really all that was expected of Devangelic to deliver this time around. While the level of abrasion is definitely at an all-time high here for the act, they manage to deliver a little more than just a simple pounding.

With a conceptual album that goes back to Mesopotamia, the groundwork is laid for Devangelic to augment their existing formula. One can easily say that they have somehow managed to raise an even more brutal bar for themselves (just check out opener “Swarm of Serpents”), that would have just been the easy route. Devangelic still lives and breathes carnage as they pulverize the listener through each track, but there also seems to be a greater emphasis on keeping each track from becoming just a blur of violence. Sure, it’s there 110%, but the use of grooves, breakdowns, and some well woven-in melodies (particularly in the solos) keep things more exciting for the listener. Granted, they aren’t shaking up the death metal world, but the advancement in balancing things out is notable, especially considering how frenetic much of the material is.

Given the nature of brutal death metal acts to just barrel through the listener with a sledgehammer swing of savagery, Ersetu keeps it interesting as well. Devangelic bring in a heightened sense of focus and a pinch of nuance without disrupting their total endgame of musical annihilation. It’s a commendable step up.

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