ReviewsDawn of Disease – Worship the Grave (Napalm)

Dawn of Disease – Worship the Grave (Napalm)

Let’s face it – the retro death metal worship, particularly of the Swedish metal variety, isn’t going away any time soon. While the overwhelming majority just wants to milk early ‘90s Stockholm for all its worth, some bands are seeing fit to think outside the box from time to time. Thankfully, this is where German band Dawn of Disease comes into play. Their third album, and first for Napalm, takes the obvious Swede-worship and brings it into a more modern era.

It’s clear that Dawn of Disease have their favorites from the HM-2 era, whose names go without say. But due to a few factors, it never comes across as straight worship – a heavy strong suit with bands of this ilk. The more modern-sounding production gives the guitars a more crisp flavor, which is necessary considering the rest of what the band has to offer. This modern approach brings out more melodic guitarwork and melodies, alongside some standout solos. While it does tend to swing the band into some more melodic death-like territory from time to time (“Cult of the Fading Light”), the thick grooves that they pull out is sure to keep those comparisons at bay. The opening title-track sets the aggressive tone, with mid-tempo stomping and alternating blast beats does set the tone for the album, with just enough melody and groove to keep you enticed.

While rooted in the old school Swedish scene, Worship the Grave makes some noise by keeping a modern angle in mind. It’s death metal, through and through, but its well-written and the extra spices added (melodies, groove) serve to keep the band a few steps ahead of the competition. A case of getting more than what you had initially bargained for.

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