Damnation Angels – Fiber of Our Being (Self-Released)

Tuesday, 28th July 2020
Rating: 9/10

A staple of the UK melodic/symphonic metal scene since starting in 2006, Damnation Angels have gained appeal globally through their two full-lengths and EP. Striking deals in the past with Radtone Music and Massacre Records, they’ve also performed at ProgPower USA and toured Europe with Andromeda and Threshold. Now taking a self-released route for the third album Fiber of Our Being, the record features the first studio performances for bassist Nic Southwood and singer Iggy Rod while continuing the catchy mix of classic, melodic metal influences along with their symphonic style.

Immediately apparent out of the gate is the bluesy yet firm pipes of Iggy – another sterling master of his voice that resonates in a similar manner as Russell Allen, Rick Altzi, or even Tony Martin/Ronnie James Dio during their Sabbath days. You can really hear the emotional connection and intuitive rising/ascending nature with proper harmony supplementation and sing-a-long nuances for the early frontrunning highlight “Railrunner” – the slow building keyboards plus churning mid-tempo guitars giving off a classic older Rainbow/Pretty Maids vibe against the keyboard orchestration. The bombast and cinematic scope to specific musical arrangements is never overwrought with extraneous parts – the group often preferring to keep most tracks in that radio-friendly four to five-minutes and change sweet spot. The Kamelot-esque title track and moodier yet energetic “Fractured Amygdala” are two cuts of many that provide the right balance between classical/theatrical touches and incredible earworms for listeners to catch and entertain themselves repeatedly. We also get to treasure the epic side of symphonic metal for “Remnants Of a Dying Star” – at almost thirteen-minutes a breathtaking track full of the quiet reflection, musical twists – moving halfway through to its heavier moments where the keyboards, guitars, bass, and drums provide aural interplay in a Nightwish meets Avantasia homage of sorts.

Five and a half years may seem like an eternity between releases for bands, but Damnation Angels aligned the right member changes with great performances to follow up The Valiant Fire in a proper, professional manner. Those who love symphonic metal with a bit of classic power and melodic charm will devour these nine tracks and come clamoring back for more.

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