June 2013 Rapid Fires

Sunday, 30th June 2013

A continuation of a column we ran on our former incarnation, Blistering.com, Rapid Fires will allow us to give albums some page-time that otherwise would be forever left in the digital queue. Such moves are necessary when so many albums flood the metal marketplace, but hey, it sure beats the days when cardboard promos bombarded our respective mailboxes. Actually, those were really good times.

Never mind that, on the firing squad this month: Across Tundras, Beyond Mortal Dreams, Damnation Angels, Deathchain, Decaying, Full of Hell, Gates of Hell, Gothminister, Hexvessel, Infinita Symphonia, Lacrimas Profoundere, Lantern, Necrotic Disgorgement, Power Trip, and Sacrilegious Impalement. Read on… – David E. Gehlke


Across Tundras – Electric Relics (Electric Relics)
One second Across Tundras are “Pining for the Gravel Roads,” the next they’re in the “Den of Poison Snakes.” Sounds like they’re fitting for some rustic fun, eh? In fact, this is the design and feel of the band’s second album, Electric Relics. It’s where root blues rock and stoned-out metal meet…somewhere. Never mind our dorky little jabs – there’s a lot to be had with this album, most notably “Driftless Caravan,” which sounds like a shirtless Bob Dylan playing through a stack of Orange amps. – David E. Gehlke (Across Tundras on Facebook)


Beyond Mortal Dreams – Dreaming Death (Lavadome Productions)
Beyond Mortal Dreams hail from the south of Australia and are currently enjoying a second chance at life after breaking up in 1999. The reformed outfit continues to push the technical and complex style similar to Suffocation, but I found the music on this EP rather pedestrian at times. The one bright spot is the cover of Beherit’s “Beast of Damnation” which is well executed, but beyond that there is nothing I found exceptional on this death metal release. Dreaming Death is a real bore of an EP. – Kenneth Gallant (Beyond Mortal Dreams on Facebook)


Damnation Angels – Bringer of Light (Massacre Records)
A big surprise coming out of England, and more specifically a symphonic power metal band with a dense, and entirely melodic sound. This band can definitely hang with the likes of Kamelot and Epica, proving the work on this disc is a sprawling epic of atmosphere and songwriting genius. For a debut album, Bringer of Light delivers a fresh sound, stellar musicianship and a grand vision with a metallic edge done right. Well worth picking up if you enjoy symphonic power metal of this high caliber. – Kenneth Gallant (Damnation Angels on Facebook)


Deathchain – Ritual Death Metal (Svart Records)
The Finns have produced several unique bands that blend the fierceness and brutality of death/thrash to reckless abandon. Deathchain have been around since 2002 and tearing it up on several releases culminating with the enormous sounds heard on Death Gods in 2010. Unfortunately, their latest Ritual Death Metal finds the boys devolving towards an old-school sound that is all the rage these days. Ultimately, this may be a big mistake in the long run. – Kenneth Gallant (Deathchain on Facebook)


Decaying – The Last Days of War (HellThrasher Productions)
Now here is a band that takes its influences seriously, drawing from the likes of Pestilence, Asphyx and Benediction to effectively create a vicious assault of war metal in the vein of Bolt Thrower and Hail of Bullets. Clocking in around 46 minutes, The Last Days of War essays the doom and crush to perfection, allowing the thrashier vibes to reach ominous levels without sounding too monotonous. Some of the production aspects are a bit thin, but don’t let this stop you from checking this out. – Kenneth Gallant (Decaying on Facebook)


Full of Hell – Rudiments of Mutilation (A389)
Bereft of melody and all things sunshine-y, Full of Hell’s Rudiments of Mutilation sounds like it would be a great soundtrack to a hangover. This total square of a scribe has yet to experience such an event, but the callous sonic pummeling these lads dish out on feedback-loving cuts like “Coven of the Larynx” and “Embrace” make Eyehategod sound like a walk in the park. Well, close – Full of Hell at least get up and at them with some d-beat crust, but man, this album is about as tidy and pleasant as a toilet full of vomit. Yuck! – David E. Gehlke (Full of Hell on Facebook)


Gates of Hell – Critical Obsession (Rastilho Records)
Hailing from Portugal, Gates of Hell are consumed with playing no-thrills thrash, lacking very little finesse, and liking it brutal all the time. This band can definitely be lumped into the company of death/thrashers like Hatesphere, Dew-Scented and perhaps Soilwork, and if you like blunt aggressiveness mixed with a little melodic death metal, then this band is for you. – Kenneth Gallant (Gates of Hell on Facebook)

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