Charlotte Wessels – Tales from Six Feet Under (Napalm)

Wednesday, 8th September 2021
Rating: 8.5/10

Working independently through Patreon, Charlotte Wessels has been releasing one song per month directly to fans.  But for those who couldn’t sign onto Patreon or perhaps were not aware, the former Delain singer is offering up a sampling of what she has been up to in that span of time in the form of this Tales from Six Feet Under release.  One warning to heed: do not expect an album of Delain-like tunes, as this was first started before the break-up and contains many soft, experimental tracks that would not have be suitable for the band.

That disclaimer being said, Wessels certainly has the vocal capacity to pull off these sweet, gentle tracks just as well as she does with more boisterous ones.  It’s intriguing to hear her voice in this more intimate capacity, whether its in a more upbeat and electronic format, like with the super catchy “Masterpiece,” or in its dreamy, whimsical follow-up in “Victor.”  But for those seeking something a bit heavier, you won’t be disappointed either, with a striking gothic cover of the classic “Cry Little Sister” or the driving “FSU (2020).”  Closing cut “Soft Revolution” is about as close to symphonic metal as the album comes, with some heavier moments in the chorus while still embracing a more intimate and powerful emotive core that brings it in a different direction.  While the release may be a bit eclectic due to the ‘song a month’ format, the way it is arranged in the tracklisting gives it a great flow, and Wessels raw passion shines through each track and makes them all quite compelling.

Wessels has lost none of her charisma, and Tales from Six Feet Under actually finds a way to augment and amplify it.  Even in these more electronic and gentle waters, Wessels’ vocal beauty and power still comes across with spellbinding elegance and grace.  Those seeking an experience that’s not necessarily the most metallic, but still full of that same enigmatic passion would do well to check this out.  Not to mention maybe check out her Patreon too, where even more tracks lie waiting to be discovered.

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