Reviews1349 – Massive Cauldron of Chaos (Season of Mist)

1349 – Massive Cauldron of Chaos (Season of Mist)

To elucidate my high regards to 1349, I’m making an unusual introduction from memory before discussing the new album. Listening to 1349’s music is one thing, seeing them live is another. I am obliged to give an account of what’s most remarkable about the band, which will enhance the visual of aural hellfire and draw more attention to Massive Cauldron of Chaos.

Admittedly, I wasn’t as enthusiastic about 1349 until seeing them at the Metal Alliance Tour, that performance enslaved my admiration. Why? I instantly noticed their unbreakable focus and I felt their bone-crushing force in lacerating velocity. For one, diligent main man Ravn’s flawless display of demonic vocals matched by his black metal model appearance. Besides, he’s one of the few who look great in corpse paint, scary not clowny. After the ritual, I snagged a copy of Demonoir, a limited-edition red vinyl of the Slaves EP single and the very “Slaves” sweater I frequently wear. Represent! No kidding, those 1349 sweaters are like an alliance or club of some sort. It’s phenomenal to see their name appear in many other bands’ band photos.

The first two songs, “Cauldron” and “Slaves,” are among 1349’s finest work. “Mengele’s” has the primal charm of old-school black metal, sick by all means. “Golem” is much too short, not even two minutes long, but the hard beating death metal quality is excellent. “Godslayer” is six minutes of satanic verses and a musically excellent song. Two interchanging parts make this song stunning in sound and structure, one of massacring riffs set into invigorating groovy beats and the other mellow with the instruments set in undertones and the lyrics in a soft-spoken chant, which was a rare form to come from 1349 until they explored their threshold to extents not quite like they’ve done before.

Their music fires like a weapon and contorts the mind thru auditory catastrophe. It’s nearly impossible to avoid being affected by their dangerously contagious rage. The ear-blistering, soul-incinerating noises create a horrendous realm of demon-plagued terror but getting there takes an insightful listen and evil-friendly imagination.

These songs vaguely relate but somewhat correspond by one condition – chaos. Mythological, historical, blasphemous, incarcerating, cutthroat chaos. Massive Cauldron of Chaos meets the expectations of new 1349 material. The beast is still present and abides by what they’re most notorious for such as the brutality, aggressiveness and negativity but carried out in a slightly different conduct. No matter what, all of 1349’s music will always be classified as AURAL HELLFIRE.

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