Void King’s Tommy Miller: What I’m Listening To

Saturday, 3rd September 2016

Elder – Lore. I’m not even sure what to tell people that aren’t listening to Elder. If you even have the smallest inkling of enjoying metal or heavy music or….music really, then you owe it to yourself to have this record on your playlist at all times. I can’t recall the last time that an album hooked me in like this from the first listen and made me listen to it so often. This thing has been out for over a year, and I still get excited at hearing that opening riff. They write songs in such a unique way and construct things sonically so differently that I have a hard time comparing them to anyone. Which is great.

mgla exercises
MGLA – Exercises in Futility. Typically speaking, I’m not the world’s biggest black metal fan. And honestly, it’s my own fault. But there is something about that necro production that I don’t particularly enjoy. I know, I suck. However, I will occasionally fall over a black metal record that I am absolutely in love with and I won’t be able to get away from. MGLA has great production on their music and it’s just mean. Seriously, this music hates you. It’s designed to make you feel bad about the future of the world and it hits that spot so squarely. The guitars are incredibly heavy and the drums are crushing. I don’t know if I’ve heard a darker record in some time.

Woods of Ypres – IV. You could have the argument all day about which WOY record is best. I can hear all of the discussion and totally have a different favorite depending on my mood. But right now, there is something about the sound of this record that is scratching a particular itch in my brain. I’m not sure what it is about the production of this record that I like so much. David’s lyrics are so melancholy and well phrased. It’s a shame that I didn’t know about this band until after his death. I watch their old live stuff on YouTube all of the time thinking about how great they sounded.

Solstafir – Svartir Sandar
Solstafir – Svartir Sandar. There was a time when all I listened to was bands like Isis, Pelican, Russian Circles and the like. I mean I still listen to all of those bands, but you have to expand out of your comfort zone at some point. Regardless, this band kind of straddles that line between post-metal and psychedelic stuff that I really love. And maybe it’s because I have no idea what the singer is talking about, but I love the vocals. They use that melody line like another instrument, and not like run of the mill vocals. The songs are all enormous and layered. Something about being from Iceland lends itself to messing with sounds I guess, but I also love Sigur Ros a whole lot too, and both bands incorporate so many non-traditional sounds and instruments.

Ahab – The Giant. I’m never not going to have this record on my playlist. This could be the biggest record I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. You almost feel like they recorded this album on an old fishing vessel and wrote about the things that they saw first hand. The riffs are punishing. The vocals are perfect. And I’m pretty sure that these dudes have their guitars tuned to some ancient note that was lost at sea with a marauding Viking fleet. This is absolutely the record that I put on in a pinch. This is my “go to” metal record and has been since they released it.

Void King’s new album, There is Nothing, can be purchased at this location.

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