Entropy O.A.C.’s Benjamin Poulin – What I’m Listening To

Saturday, 25th April 2015

Hmm, what I have been listening to – well, I have been re-visiting a lot of the records I fell in love with when I was a teen just to see if it still had the same kind of effect like when they inspired me years ago. One of those was Alice in Chain’s 1996 Unplugged, and I must say you almost forget about the superior song writing ability they had every harmony in the vocals almost burns in your brain and stays there for hours, if not days…in my mind that has to be one of, if not the best unplugged rock band albums of all time. It makes you wonder how can something that awesome slip from your memory?

Another one relevant to that time and my teen years is Stone Temple Pilots Core. It just takes you back to loud distinctive cutting guitar tone and straight forward hard hitting alternative rock era. From the first song to the last it just has something inspiring and lasting that makes you not want to turn it off even though you already know every lyric, riff and crash cymbal hit coming before it arrives. So, yeah it was fucking awesome to give a re-listen to these albums I first came across when I was basically a little kid, I think it was more common for bands from that era overall to write some really strong intriguing music, at least when I go back I can really feel that effect.

Entropy O.A.C. has just released an EP titled Dark Clouds and Clarity via Pavement Entertainment. Check out the track “Realm of Grey” below.

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