RandomnessMarch 2022 Album of the Month: Satan - Earth Infernal

March 2022 Album of the Month: Satan – Earth Infernal

Veteran NWOBHM (actually, aren’t they all “veteran?”) Satan has been cranking out some of the best vintage metal since their 2013 return. Their latest is Earth Infernal, a true barnstormer of riffs, high-wire Brian Ross vocals and savvy twists and turns that prove Satan may actually be ageless. It’s our March 2022 Album of the Month. Here’s a snippet of Matt Coe’s review:

Grabbing a second chance at glory, Satan continues to up their game on record and live, proving they are mighty at their craft when it comes to heads down heavy metal. The sixth album, Earth Infernal, sees the classic Court in the Act lineup still going strong – a rarity in a genre where priorities shift, interest wanes and many leave the fold. There’s something special when taking in master musicians who have been playing in this style since the late 70s, as you know the grit, passion and commitment cannot be questioned. Living and breathing the blue collar, denim and leather aspects to the hilt – this material once again channeling the primitive spirit of the cause.

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