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Lord Almighty’s Keenan Carroll: What I’ve Been Listening To

I find myself always in search of something real and tangible. In this flooded music scene where bedroom recordings (I’m hypocritical) are coming forth like waves crashing trying to sweep up anyone it can, is too much for me. I tend to look to the past for answers. To a simpler time when Poseidon was at bay and rock ‘n’ roll was king.

A good buddy of mine, Alan Fary, from the band Earthling, turned me on to Wishbone Ash. This band has been throwin’ tunes out there since 1970 and really nails that old classic dirty rock ‘n’ roll. Their debut album, Wishbone Ash, has all the dual leads and blistering classic grooves. They play with so many dynamics and really keep the river flowing. Definitely also spend time with their second album, Argus, out in 1972. That album just shows the progression the band went through evolving their sound further.

Forever Turbonegro will be the biggest staple in my life. While being from the late ’80s these Norwegian apocalypse dudes rule the world with the combo of punk and rock. Who could ever deny “I Got Erection” for a song title, among others. I had the pleasure of seeing them the last time they came through Boston and it left me with a major hangover and some of the best memories. If you haven’t hung with these party animals, then be prepared to waste away in the rock party life style.

In the end, let’s head to the distant future of 2011. Lets talk Vallenfyre. This band being a supergroup of sorts has definitely been in my recent rotation. These dudes are hittin’ that super crunchy heavy as hell doom meets fast, crusty if you will metal. The 2014 release, Splinters, is a scorcher. Definitely get your hands on that. I guarantee you’ll break your neck.

Lord Almighty’s new album, Paths, can be purchased at this location.

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