WE ARE THE DAMNED: “Dreams Under Surveillance” Now Streaming

Wednesday, 23rd April 2014

Portugal’s WE ARE THE DAMNED are streaming “Dreams Under Surveillance,” a song from their Lifeforce Records debut, Doomvirate.

Coming from an unlikely source like Portugal, WE ARE THE DAMNED has been building its path since 2007 by the hand of singer Correia and drummer Lafaia. Both musicians have been around since the early ’90s and their sheer artistic convictions still prevail on a solid DIY philosophy. The band continues to deliver its unique blend of straightforward punk and metal.

Doomvirate track listing:

1. Ghastly Humans
2. Dreams Under Surveillance
3. Revealing Morality
4. Imposter
5. The Threshold
6. Macabre Expedition
7. Angelsick
8. Flight Of The Phoenix

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