NewsSOILWORK Releases "Enemies In Fidelity" Video

SOILWORK Releases “Enemies In Fidelity” Video

Swedish melodic death metal masters SOILWORK have released the video for “Enemies in Fidelity,” a song from their new album, The Ride Majestic. The album was released August 28 via Nuclear Blast.

Comments SOILWORK vocalist Björn “Speed” Strid: “The video for ‘Enemies In Fidelity’ captures the hardship of maintaining friendships between friends or lovers and how the struggle sometimes gets addictive, very often to a point where you lose yourself and hatred takes over.”

The Ride Majestic track listing:

1. The Ride Majestic
2. Alight In The Aftermath
3. Death In General
4. Enemies In Fidelity
5. Petrichor By Sulphur
6. The Phantom
7. The Ride Majestic (Aspire Angelic)
8. Whirl Of Pain
9. All Along Echoing Paths
10. Shining Lights
11. Father And Son, Watching The World Go Down
12. Of Hollow Dreams (bonus track)
13. Ghosts And Thunder (bonus track)

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