Poll: Best Post-Reformation Megadeth Album

Wednesday, 12th June 2013

Since putting Megadeth back together in 2004, Dave Mustaine and friends have bucked the trend of heritage acts taking their time in releasing albums. There have been five post-reformation albums from the band, starting with ‘04’s The System Has Failed and most recently Super Collider, each with varying degrees of worthiness.

Totally disregarding the band’s 80’s and early 90’s output, we want you to weigh on your choice for the best Megadeth album that was released upon their reformation. For a quick refresher, we have provided a brief description of each of the five albums. Vote for your pick in the poll at the bottom of the page!

megadeth-thesystemhasfailed The System Has Failed (2004) Arm magically healed, Bush in office…Dave not happy. Menza on drums? Almost. Poland shredding the lead guitar? Legal eagles get in way. Dave just can’t “Die Dead Enough” if he tried.

megadeth-unitedabominations United Abominations (2007) Drover brothers in the house, Andy Sneap onboard to add more shine than Turtle Wax. Suddenly, complicated riffs appear, as does vitriol toward the United Nations. Cristinia Scabbia may be a looker, but she should have left “A Tout Le Monde” alone.

megadeth-endgame Endgame (2009) Chris Broaderick rides to the rescue, channels ghost of Marty Friedman, but with better hair. Dave so unhappy with Roadrunner that he gets Ellefson back, lets bygones be bygones, and totally forgets to do any kind of promo for album. “Head Crusher” pretty darn heavy, though.

megadeth-th1rt3en Th1rt3en (2011) Band shoots video for “Public Enemy No. 1” with monkeys; goes on to be best video since puppet aliens were hanging out in “Hangar 18.” Dave enlists some would-be nu metal hack named Johnny K. to produce. No down-tuning in sight, thankfully.

megadeth-supercollider Super Collider (2013) Dave stumbles upon old tapes of discarded riffs from The World Needs A Hero, thinks they sound good and puts them on new album. Gets buddy-buddy with David Drainman and has him do guest spot…no one is down with this sickness.

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