PANZERFAUST’s “JEHOVAH-JIREH: The Divine Anti-Logos” Now Streaming In Full

Friday, 26th July 2013

Toronto’s own black metal fundamentalists PANZERFAUST are streaming their latest opus, JEHOVAH-JIREH: The Divine Anti-Logos in full and is available for streaming below. PANZERFAUST’s third full length was released on February 11 via Boonsdale Records and is without a doubt their most fierce offering to date.  Featuring nine epic masterpieces of blast beats and tremolo riffs, layered with deep screams and unconventional song structures, JEHOVA-JIREH: The Divine Anti-logos was produced and mastered in Sweden by MARDUK’s Magnus Andersson.

The tracks range from anti-religious standpoints to deep rooted interests in military/war history, with a philosophical and metaphysical approach on the lyrical themes. PANZERFAUST regards itself only with the free-thinking nature of its own doctrine, the righteous will of rebellion — the very core value of black metal. PANZERFAUST have toured with IMMORTAL, MARDUK, VITAL REMAINS, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and more.

PANZERFAUST was created in the winter of 2005 by the hands of guitarist Kaizer and drummer Lord Baphomet in Ontario, Canada. Within these unusual breeding grounds–it bore the oath to create music–devoid of all conventions; and under this illumination, spawned the Black Metal Fundamentalist approach of PANZERFAUST today. In 2009, the line-up became solidified–with both vocalist Goliath and bassist Morbid being added to the ranks.

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