NewsNECROPHOBIC Split With Accused Wife-Beater Tobias Sidegård

NECROPHOBIC Split With Accused Wife-Beater Tobias Sidegård

Swedish black/death metallers NECROPHOBIC has officially parted ways with vocalist Tobias Sidegård.

Said NECROPHOBIC in a statement: “Tobias is no longer a member of NECROPHOBIC. The verdict following his trial regrettably left us, the band, with no other choice.

“As stated before, NECROPHOBIC do not accept or tolerate domestic violence in any way.

“We will now search for a replacement.

“Tobias will make a statement of his own within the next couple of days, which he will publish on his Facebook page.”

A Swedish appeals court last month reduced the prison sentence for Sidegård, who was accused of beating his wife multiple times between September 2011 and April 2013.

Sidegård was originally sentenced to 18 months in prison for “gross violation of a woman’s integrity,” and offense that was first introduced into the Penal Code in 1998 dealing with repeated punishable acts directed by men against women who have or have had a close relationship with the perpetrator.

On September 20, the Svea appeals court found Sidegård guilty of simple assault — a less serious offense than “gross violation of a woman’s integrity” — and reduced his prison sentence to six months. The musician was also ordered to pay his wife 16,000 Swedish kronor (approximately $2,500) in damages plus interest.

In addition to allegations of violence against his wife, Sidegård was suspected of physically abusing his daughters with a homemade bullwhip.

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