KAYSER Reveals Cover Art And Track Listing For “Read Your Enemy”

Monday, 2nd December 2013

Massively underrated Swedish thrash/straight-ahead metallers KAYSER have revealed the cover art and track listing for their forthcoming new album, Read Your Enemy.

Says band: “Incorporating the fundementals of rock and metal with vivid musicianship, KAYSER bring you Read Your Enemy. “With a track listing of songs that have always been there but you would not find anywhere else, the album boasts organic stamina and confidence. With superior riffing and catchiness a mass appeal is to expect.

“The neck-breaker title track, Read Your Enemy, originated from Swaney [guitar] as a double-stomp, classic palm muted heavy riffer. The chorus riff with its time change was added together with Jokke [guitar] to display contrast to the main riff. A sign of opposites which is commonly ubiquitous in KAYSER’s song writing. The playful trade-off solos seal the songwriting marksmanship. Lyrically, Spice takes on humanity’s ever lasting stupidity when diving into religious and ideological fundamentalism.”

Read Your Enemy track listing:

1. Bark And Bow
2. Bring Out The Clown
3. I’ll Deny You
04. Dreams Bent Clockwise
5. Read Your Enemy
6. Almost Home
7. Where I Belong
8. He Knows Your Secrets
9. Forever In Doubts
10. Carve The Stone
11. Roll The Dice
12. The Fake Rose

The “Read Your Enemy” title track can be streamed at this location.


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