KAYSER Streams Video For “I’ll Deny You”

Thursday, 20th February 2014

Massively underrated Swedish thrash/straight-ahead metallers KAYSER are streaming the video for “I’ll Deny You,” a song from their new Read Your Enemy album. The album is due March 4th via Listenable Records.

Says band: “Incorporating the fundementals of rock and metal with vivid musicianship, KAYSER bring you Read Your Enemy. “With a track listing of songs that have always been there but you would not find anywhere else, the album boasts organic stamina and confidence. With superior riffing and catchiness a mass appeal is to expect.

“The neck-breaker title track, Read Your Enemy, originated from Swaney [guitar] as a double-stomp, classic palm muted heavy riffer. The chorus riff with its time change was added together with Jokke [guitar] to display contrast to the main riff. A sign of opposites which is commonly ubiquitous in KAYSER’s song writing. The playful trade-off solos seal the songwriting marksmanship. Lyrically, Spice takes on humanity’s ever lasting stupidity when diving into religious and ideological fundamentalism.”

Read Your Enemy track listing:

1. Bark And Bow
2. Bring Out The Clown
3. I’ll Deny You
4. Dreams Bent Clockwise
5. Read Your Enemy
6. Almost Home
7. Where I Belong
8. He Knows Your Secrets
9. Forever In Doubts
10. Carve The Stone
11. Roll The Dice
12. The Fake Rose

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