Kaotoxin Records 2CD Giveaway!

Saturday, 9th May 2015

Dead Rhetoric.com and Kaotoxin Records have teamed up for a giveaway involving two of their latest releases. One lucky winner will receive one (1) copy of both Putrid Offal’s Mature Necropsy AND Dehuman’s Graveyard of Eden. 25 years after formation, Putrid Offal have brought forth their first full-length album of old school death metal. Described in our review as “pretty much guaranteed to get the blood flowing for any old school death grind fan,” Mature Necropsy reminded DR of “of older Carcass, General Surgery, or any of those other medically-inclined death metallers of yore.” You can purchase a copy of Mature Necropsy at THIS LOCATION.

Dehuman, on the other hand, takes a stab at death metal that should please fans of Suffocation, Morbid Angel, or Nile. We described the album in a review as “providing a nice escape from reality for the time that it chews up and makes you want to launch in a destructive rage at the nearest object.” You can purchase a copy of Graveyard of Eden at THIS LOCATION. For those wanting to hear both albums for themselves, a full stream of both can be found below. Sound good? Then enter for your chance to win by Saturday, May 23, 2015.

Enter “Offal” in the answer field below.



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