NewsINGESTED Release “The Divine Right Of Kings” Lyric Video

INGESTED Release “The Divine Right Of Kings” Lyric Video

Manchester, England’s INGESTED have released a lyric video for the track “The Divine Right Of Kings”, to be featured on the band’s upcoming album, The Architect Of Extinction.

Jason Evans (vocals) comments: “”The Divine Right Of Kings” is the first track off The Architect Of Extinction, and it picks up the pace directly from where Revered By No One, Feared By All ended. This is hateful narcissism of the highest order, drowning in crushing slams and machine gun blastbeats. The lyric video was made by Craig Gowans (Bleed From Within) and he’s done an incredible job. This is the perfect introduction to our new album, and we hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did creating it!”

2015 now sees INGESTED return with their heaviest offering yet in the form of The Architect Of Extinction, mixed by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) and featuring mind blowing artwork from Toshihiro Egawa (who also did the artwork for the band’s debut record). The Architect Of Extinction will be released January 12th on Century Media Records in Europe.

Jason Evans (vocals) comments: ” It’s took us three albums and two EPs to find our sound, our identity as a band. This album is Ingested in it’s purest form; nihilistic, slamming death metal. Every lyric, guitar riff and drum beat on this album is delivered with utter sincerity, we fucking mean it this time. This is the album we have always wanted to create, this is The Architect Of Extinction.

The Architect Of Extinction track listing:

1. The Divine Right Of Kings
2. Narcissistic Apathy
3. Endless Despondency
4. The Heirs To Mankind’s Atrocities
5. I, Despoiler
6. Penance
7. A Nightmare Incarnate
8. Extinction Event
9. Amongst Vermin
10. Rotted Eden

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