GAMA BOMB Releases Video For “Backwards Bible”

Thursday, 12th December 2013

Irish thrash outfit GAMA BOMB have released a horror movie-themed music video for their album track “Backwards Bible.” The video was shot on location in Northern Ireland at the 16th century Narrow Water Castle near the band’s town of origin, Newry. It was directed by Martin Busch, who has created viral videos for the likes of Guinness and Adidas.

The video takes inspiration from Hammer Horror movies of the 1960s, in particular the style and narrative of 1968 Christopher Lee classic The Devil Rides Out.

“It’s not often you get to spend an entire day running around a castle full of medieval weapons and tapestries and other cool stuff like that – and I think it’d easily pass as a haunted castle. There were whole wings of the place people felt a bit creeped out by during the shoot,” says GAMA BOMB frontman Philly Byrne.

“I think this video throws down the gauntlet to other metal bands – it’s a challenge to them: we’re saying, step up and make something as good as this. We made a whole horror movie in three-and-a-half minutes –you’ve got no excuse to shoot a lazy video in an old warehouse. This is proof that if you take control of an idea and work really hard you can do amazing things on a limited budget. The ‘Backwards Bible’ video was a labour of love for us: we wrote and produced it ourselves, pulling in favours from some very talented people to make it look so amazing.”

GAMA BOMB’s fourth album, The Terror Tapes, was released in the spring by AFM Records. Their previous LP, 2009’s Tales from the Grave in Space, was the first full length album ever to be offered as a free download by a signed band.

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