EX DEO – First Details For New Album Revealed

Thursday, 29th October 2015

Kataklysm vocalist Maurizio Iacono’s other band, Ex Deo, will return with a new album in early 2017.

The direction of the new album has a “take no prisoner aggressive nature in its attitude with a dramatic and glorious score behind it, the new material is riveting to say the least.” Ex Deo will dig deep into the historic roots of Rome on the new album while honouring its heroes – more details on this soon.

Now the good news: the new album will see the light of day in early 2017 under the Napalm Records flag, it already has a working title, a master conductor on the orchestration and world renown mixer at the helm. More news will be revealed in the months to come.

In the famous words of Cato The Elder, “Cathago Delenda Est!!”

Iacono recently posted the following message: “Yes it’s true, Ex Deo is returning with a new album.. but there’s a twist and we will keep it confidential for now, my mind always works overtime but this plan is very sexy that’s coming together, the metal world needs some balls and I’m going to bring it… #‎ExDeo #‎TheRoman #‎MMXVIII”

Ex Deo’s most recent album is Caligvla, released in 2012 via Napalm Records.

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