Devin Townsend Posts Video Footage Of Studio Guitar Tracking

Thursday, 8th May 2014

Canadian vocalist/guitarist/producer Devin Townsend recently finished recording the next Devin Townsend Project album as well as the Ziltoid follow-up, Z2. He has posted some clips of the guitar tracking for Z2, which can be viewed below.

Drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen has checked in with the following update last week:

“A personal record is complete. Two albums recorded in two days. One is space metal, absolutely crazy and technical, the other is heavy rock with some cool grooves and fills. What an experience that I hope to never revisit again My brother Jay dialed in the biggest drum sound I’ve ever recorded in my life. What a bloody talent he is. Stoked and relieved. At LAX in Los Angeles and ready to fly home and sleep for a week Mission complete!”

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