COLUMNS Release “Punching Nancy Grace” Music Video

Monday, 4th August 2014

Southern death/grinders COLUMNS have released a music video for the track, “Punching Nancy Grace”, which comes from their soon to be released full-length debut, Please Explode.

Frontman Adam Cody commented on the inspiration behind the song: “Nancy Grace holds one of the lowest positions in life. She covers the gossip of high profile court cases. Imagining her getting a hard jab to the face brings me great happiness.”

And added: “Nancy Grace makes a living shitting out of her mouth. COLUMNS as a whole would like to see her get punched.”

Featuring former members of cult Relapse grinders Hemdale plus current and former members of renowned death metal bands Wretched, Vehemence and Glass Casket, COLUMNS blast and shred their way through 16 tracks of premium Southern grindcore, marinated in a blistering bowl of death metal.

Please Explode will see it’s official release on CD/LP/digital in North America on August 5th. The album will be out in Germany, Benelux and Finland on August 1st, and the UK/World on August 4th.

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