Band You May Have Missed: Martyrd

Sunday, 23rd March 2014

New York City’s Martyrd play a hodgepodge blend of melodic death, thrash, and progressive metal, citing the usual suspects such as Nevermore, Dream Theater, and Megadeth as their primary influences. The band’s most recent studio foray is 2012’s The Mortal Coil, yet it is the single for “Faceless” they are pushing hard at the present time. “As time goes by we’ve just got better and better at doing what we do,” says vocalist Aaron Pollard. “Writing material, touring and recording are second nature at this point.”

The band has plans on recording a full-length in May, with Pollard stating about the new tunes: “We’re all really excited about them, they’re pretty heavy. I think it’s safe to say it’s going to be our best work to date.”

Furthermore, Pollard admits to the band being an all-consuming function, which somehow, prompted him to make mention of a certain bodily, uh, function. “All day every day. I can’t take a leak without thinking about the band.”

“Faceless” video:

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