The Metalhead Box – September 2020

Saturday, 14th November 2020

The seasons change, COVID lingers, and a tumultuous election day nears. The Metalhead Box endures.

In fantastic form, as it turns out, as the Metalhead Box presents several novel items for the season in which people transition toward an indoors-only cycle. This month’s vinyl was unexpected (indeed, an album I’d never encountered), and as usual, more historically themed items that are likely to resonate with any metal fan.

Eating Back To Life Apron
The true novel centerpiece of this month’s box is this Cannibal Corpse debut inspired apron. I admittedly thought it might have been a better inclusion for April or May boxes and the transition into grilling season and the summer. As Thanksgiving, Christmas, and for many a wealth of other arbitrary family gatherings await, however, it’s even more apt now.

Fucking solid!

Bonded By Blood Pin
Another classic debut, another fantastic pin. There isn’t much to say here – these continue to be produced in stellar form.

Edible Autopsy Hot Sauce
As unexpected as items go, a hot sauce! Despite the accompanying warning label, the mustard-dominant sauce brings a sufficient level heat without embracing the chemical burn flavor of some of today’s most intense sauces.

Brian Zimmerman Autograph
In truth, I do not think I had naturally encountered Atrophy (insert exasperated sighs here from the old guard) until this fall. Owing to a research project I’m working on that centers on the ‘zine culture underlying the expansion of metal across the 1980s, I’ve been introduced to an enormous swath of bands that hit hard for the closing years of the Cold War before giving up the ghost. Atrophy certainly seemed to fit that bill.

Items like this continue to make the topic of choice a fantastic one.

Chuck Schuldiner Memorial Shirt
Featuring the Legend and each of his albums under the Death banner. All landmarks, what more do you need here?

Black Anvil – As Was (Relapse)
With the vinyl sitting at the center of each month’s box, I’m never really quite sure what to expect. Something new? Something I already have? This month it was something new, something strange, and something I completely missed in 2017.

Welcome surprises, always.

An outstanding month!

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