The Metalhead Box – May 2020

Saturday, 4th July 2020

We arrive anew in a new month and a new set of opportunities to be devastated by the work of the good folks over at The Metalhead Box. Much closer to the pre-COVID timelines (and not obstructed by my own travel), it seems like only a couple weeks ago I was able to legitimately dive into the April box. Much to my joy this week arrived the May box with a new set of possibilities inside – now under the “All” metal designator, though likely with a black metal presence to be encountered. After all, can you really escape black metal?

As it turns out – no, you cannot escape. With some elements of the assorted supply chains in the world edging back toward “normalcy”, that meant the no-shirt tragedy of the April box is not repeated here in the May box. Earlier this year the ever-fantastic Iron Bonhead released De Oproeping van Middeleeuwse Duisternis on vinyl and it was an easy pickup, though admittedly I have not given it near enough spins. This shirt, like most others I have gotten so far, is likely to be fantastic at drawing confused looks from the assorted neighborhoods I run through weekly.

While I look forward to the autograph entry each month, this came as a righteous surprise. Though Agalloch may be long-dead and John Haughm himself not without his missteps, this is a cherished entry. Don Anderson’s autograph marks my ancient 7” Tomorrow Will Never Come and with this, I’m somewhat closer to rectifying missing the closest opportunity I had to see the band live.

Included here is the remaster for The White EP, lovingly released late last year. Effectively an extension of The Mantle, it has been woefully unrecognized over the years.

As a historian by training, extensive works on metal history, be they printed or visual, are always welcome. Based on internet press this is a must see and I look forward to finding out. This is an outstanding inclusion!

These pins are outrageous. What more can I say? Melissa is here!

The terrible irony that has occurred now in switching from a black metal focus – I’ve received a record I already own. That does not take away from the monstrous awesomeness that is Solothus’ Realm of Blood and Ash, which I had the joy of covering earlier this year. All of those positives still apply and in addition to having two copies, it’s fantastic to see 20 Buck Spin’s continued support of The Metalhead Box dream!

Another outstanding month in the bag. What magic will summer bring?

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