Tuesday the Sky – The Blurred Horizon (Metal Blade)

Friday, 10th September 2021
Rating: 8/10

Fates Warning guitarist Jim Matheos acknowledges flexing his creative itch in a multitude of ways beyond his main act. Over the years he’s developed work with OSI, Arch/Matheos, and this outlet Tuesday the Sky. Originally penning material that didn’t fit any metal/hard rock mold, Drift came out in 2017, garnering praise for its ambient, post-rock, and electronica influences in more of a left-field departure. Now ready to focus on the follow-up The Blurred Horizon features ten more instrumentals plus a closing vocal cover “Everything Is Free” where Jim continues to explore calmer, atmospheric arrangements with a melodic context.

A solo project where Jim enlists guests based on specific song to song needs, drummer Gavin Harrison (King Crimson, Porcupine Tree) contributes lively drumming sequences on opener “Half Remembered” and dual double kit action on highlight “Hypneurotic”, dancing around the various clean/electric guitar and keyboard underpinning – creating this push/pull motif where Brian Eno-oriented textures collide into some 80’s Rush movements. The music often builds from a simplified start into layers of corresponding parts – “Cwmwl” for instance containing free floating aural space vibrations in its sparse picking and serene transitions. Many will feel emotional tranquility taking in this material – a spacious relief off the brain to calm any tense muscles or nerves, a cleanser if you will from the normal metal or rock diet you may normally develop. “Everything Is Free” closes the record – Tim Bowess handling the vocals in a comforting, almost whispering low register that adds to the tenderness of Jim’s note choices.

Be aware that Tuesday the Sky is as far away from Jim’s normal progressive metal/rock wheelhouse as you can get. That doesn’t mean there aren’t valid compositions to enjoy for The Blurred Horizon – this is an instrumental-oriented outing for those who enjoy the exploration of ambiance, post-rock, electronica, and ideas that fit that mold.

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