Timechild – Blossom & Plague (Mighty Music)

Friday, 1st September 2023
Rating: 9 / 10

Quickly establishing themselves in 2020, Danish act Timechild incorporate numerous influences across the progressive, rock and metal landscapes to develop an eclectic sound for this sophomore album Blossom & Plague. The follow-up to 2021’s And Yet It Moves which not only received rave reviews from domestic/international press but led to Danish tours with Thundermother and Artillery among others, the quartet set out to impress once again a collective audience who yearn for something fresh, addictive, as well as inspiring. The results are very captivating, as decades of inspiration pour into these eight tracks to showcase a very forward-thinking outlook that can develop stellar musicianship passages as well as counterbalance hooks, melodies, and harmonization qualities.

Between the multiple layers of vocals (with three-part or more harmonies), dual guitar action, and stunning rhythm section work that navigates across the progressive rock, doom, or metal genres to service the atmosphere/needs of the song, there’s plenty to unpack, absorb, and process. Main vocalist/guitarist Anders Folden Brink has that classic rock singing ability to croon, hit those low notes, then rise to mesmerizing status as “Call of the Petrichor” illustrates immediately. His axe compatriot Birk creates a bevy of 70’s/80’s-oriented riffs and harmony aspects with Anders, the ideas accelerating in circular fashion a la Thin Lizzy, Opeth (during their last few progressive rock releases), and Black Sabbath as “Hands of Time” most exemplifies their bluesy to heavier versatility. Somber, reflective parts cast shadows next to the electric bursts and bass heroics of Daniel Bach to give “The Sign” deeper another left field highlight, the instrumental sequence very bouncy in that Sabbath/Ghost swinging doom/gloom ambience. Even with “The Dying Tide” three-part saga opening the record, the album clocks in at a very economical 34 minutes and change – another testament to a current artist who believes ‘all killer/no filler’ records should not meander one second beyond their intended purpose.

Seasoned producer Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Phil Campbell) gives Timechild that proper positioning and resonance, a full sound that isn’t too pristine yet jumps out of your speakers as progressive rock meets doom next to heavy metal should. Blossom & Plague has that universal appeal to gather a cult-like following (and hopefully beyond) based on the talent, songwriting acumen, and natural affinity for the music they deliver.

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