The Rods – Rattle the Cage (Massacre Records)

Wednesday, 24th January 2024
Rating: 7.5 / 10

I’ve always heard of The Rods but never really honed in on them. Well, their new album Rattle the Cage is out as I write this on Massacre Records, so I thought I’d check it out. I’m pretty pleased in general. It’s got some big hooks and sweet grooves to rock out to.

The album wastes very little time in getting down to business with a triple shot of opener “Now and Forever”, “Wolves At the Door”, and “Cry Out Loud”. There’s no pussyfooting here, just ass kickery, something I always enjoy. The title track is next and is definitely one of my favorite tunes. If I was able to drive this one would probably go onto several mixes I used to make just for that purpose. “Can’t Slow Down” is another one with a very seductive groove and a tight rhythm.

The band shifts into an even higher gear with “Metal Highway” and closer “Hearts of Steel”. Know what I kinda dug on this record? No ballads!! Now don’t get me wrong – I usually love them, but sometimes it’s nice to hear a band just plug in and kick some teeth in, ya know? So all told I definitely enjoyed my first encounter with The Rods and will be checking out past entries in their storied body of work. In the meantime, you can pick up Rattle the Cage where you normally buy your music, crack a beer, pour a shot or five, and go nuts!

Standout Tracks: “Now and Forever”, “Wolves At the Door”, “Hearts of Steel”

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