Terravoid – Ectogenesis (Liminal Spaces Distribution)

Monday, 14th June 2021
Rating: 8/10

Sometimes the best projects or bands take time to ruminate before coalescing into proper form. Beginning in the mind of vocalist Oliver Palmquest from death metal band Phidion in 2009, a decade would pass before getting down to work with guitarist Nino Vukovik of technical speed metal bands Immaculate and Tyranex. Ectogenesis is the debut EP from Terravoid, an interesting swirl of heavy/dark progressive metal and synth / horror soundtrack ambiance combining for a unique auditory experience.

The opening song “Through Dead Eyes” starts in ethereal fashion, Oliver using a gothic/alternative delivery that gains momentum as the verses unfurl, almost employing a circus barker style while the swirl of electric guitars and keyboards converge as if Strapping Young Lad, Godflesh, and Voivod clashed in a bitter cage match. When they choose to ramp up the speed and intensity, aspects of Nevermore certainly come to light in specific riff choices and progressive shifts – evident especially in the title track and the aggressive, mysterious closer “Error Endeavors”. These gentlemen also inject film score/ soundtrack nuances to these songs – specific, circular keyboard/synth sections that alter the mood into darker terrain, setting the stage for the next heavy musical/vocal combination to burst forth. The duo understands where to inject those circular refrains and hooks even as the songs take on a progressive, expansive platform – which will keep the listeners engaged enough for solid return playbacks. The four songs satisfy in an effective window – averaging out to almost six minutes a track, plus the heady lyrical content from artificial human birth mutations to personal/philosophical growth and the destruction of our natural resources on the planet will give listeners food for thought to process.

Terravoid appeases the left field progressive music fan – infusing metal and soundtrack composer aspects in a dark, twisted combination that has tantalizing, thrilling results. Hopefully this is only the beginning for the duo, as creatively this can be cool to watch develop through follow-up recordings.

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