Statement – Dreams From the Darkest Side (Mighty Music)

Monday, 10th October 2022
Rating: 8.5 / 10

Already familiar with this Danish unit from their debut album Monsters in 2014 from a previous European webzine this scribe contributed to, Statement arrives at this fourth album Dreams From the Darkest Side three years removed from the last effort. Channeling personal struggles, demons, depression, and the eternal search for love lyrically, the musical components combine driving riffs and undeniable catchy vocals – intertwining a mix of post-grunge, melodic hard rock, and heavy metal influences.

The swinging, semi-dance groove-oriented tempo through “Beyond Control” slithers into your headspace easily, while the wah-wah driven rhythms, soothing AOR-ish chorus harmonies and searing lead breaks during “Don’t You Hide It” make this an undeniable stirring opener. The lead guitar work of Niels Alex Larsen contains exquisite phrasing, properly placing notes in such a way to enhance the main chord progressions and textures for the track on hand. The fact that these gentlemen can dig deep into that well of emotional attitude, channeling things in a productive direction, makes the dirty, modern sounding “The Reaper” much creepier, the rhythm section including the stellar mechanics of bassist Martin Poulsen and drummer Daniel Nielsen adding the best quick fills or double kick infusion in the best transitional context. It’s as if you took 90’s Metallica, a bit of Accept, while throwing in some Disturbed/ Alter Bridge material into the mix. Keys to victory include a potent, lively tone to the production as well as the upper caliber voice from singer Jannick Brochdorf, hitting those money notes on “Sacrifice” plus power ballad “Fade Away” – the latter containing hypnotic background vocals a la 70’s-era Pink Floyd.

Produced by the veteran Soren Andersen (Artillery, Tygers of Pan Tang, Mike Tramp) at Medley Studios, Statement blends together a love of multiple styles across the classic metal and modern/alternative hard rock platforms into a sound/style that is quite addictive. Dreams From the Darkest Side could have multi-level appeal depending on the right bills, tours, or festival action that could take place – as its American heritage put in Danish minds/hands equals a fine output indeed.

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