Revelation – Inner Harbor (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Tuesday, 23rd April 2013
Rating: 8/10

When you follow an artist from their underground demo days through a series of albums, it’s exciting to watch the transformation as they mature and grow older. Especially in the case of progressive rock meets doom metal band Revelation- who live for a style that only the most devoted cherish. They’ve been slugging it out since 1986 – releasing seven demos, six6 albums, and some split offerings, and never steering far from their belief in the power of doom.

The power trio format reigns as tuned down Sabbath tones mesh with Rush-like time signature changes and occasional forays into early Judas Priest on standouts like “Terribilita” and the lumbering “Jones Falls.” Guitarist/keyboardist John Brenner tactfully charms the aural landscape with his heart felt lead breaks, taking into account the best of Iommi, Hendrix, West, and others creating the seeds of metal out of the blues and rock of their background.

Bassist Bert Hall Jr. and drummer Steve Branagan know when to pick up the pace from a crawling snail to a swinging, mid-tempo 70’s Rush groove, as the 6:13 “An Allegory of Want” closer features some killer interplay on a subtle level during the instrumental sections. At 36 minutes, the listener will never feel exhausted but rather exhilarated- especially those who miss musicians that set up, plug in, and let their hands, feet, and voice dictate the mood and magic, rather than digital manipulation.

John’s outer world, somber vocals mesh well with the riffing and general arrangements on Inner Harbor. At this point in the game, Revelation knows what they are doing- and as such, those who love 70’s oriented progressive doom metal with classic rock leanings need this stat.

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