Re-Armed – Total Lack of Communication (Self-Released)

Thursday, 3rd September 2015
Rating: 8/10

Not having come across Re-Armed before this release, this three song EP turned out to be quite a treat. The Finnish band has already put out two full-length records, the latest being 2014’s Rottendam. Those looking for a combination of groove, thrash, and melodic death should definitely keep reading!

Total Lack of Communication maintains an aggressive, thrashy tone while adding a number of other elements that enhance the formula. “Meant to be Broken” starts out with a very The Haunted-esque thrashy feeling that continues into some slower groove. Cool in and of itself (there are a few memorable riffs in this track alone), it’s not all the band has to offer. There are some subtle keys at work in the background, lifting the atmosphere into something more than a mere sound-alike. The title track takes the thrashier aspects to the brink, with full-on blasting speed that relents for a thick, meaty groove and eventually veers into a solid solo towards the end of the track. “Unhuman” closes things out with the band hitting the brakes in terms of speed (compared to the previous two at least) but again, there is a strong atmosphere to the song and the slowdown allows the band to focus on the sheer heaviness of the riffs, which seems to be one of the band’s greatest strengths.

While it’s only three tracks, Total Lack of Communication is worth a listen. Particularly if it is your first exposure to the band – just a short taste of what Re-Armed has to offer but what a great taste! Here’s to seeing what the band has to offer with their next round (not to mention what has come before this).

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