Rage of Light – Redemption (Self-Released)

Monday, 20th December 2021
Rating: 9/10

Rage of Light has had their fingers on the trance/cyber metal pulse since their inception with Chasing a Reflection, an EP that brought together some melodic death metal heaviness with futuristic, electronic tones.  They released a few singles as well as their debut full-length with Imploder in 2019 and it seemed things were moving full steam ahead.  Earlier this year, vocalist Melissa Bonny announced that she was parting ways with the act, and not even that will stop this band’s momentum.  With a new vocalist in Martyna Halas, they have now released the follow-up in Redemption.  A release that sees them continue to build upon the trance and electronic elements while somehow making it seem heavier at the same time.

Those who enjoyed the trance and electronic use in Imploder will no doubt be impressed with Redemption.  The band has really kicked it up a notch further in terms of the way that the electronics are embedded into their sound.  It feels fresh, yet doesn’t stray too far from what they have done.  It just seems to be the next logical step – tracks like “Crusade for the Sun” really dig deep into swirling electronic beats and uptempo, danceable feelings, yet the heavy bottom end keeps it firmly locked into metal territory, complete with a flashy solo segment and absolutely grinding riffs/growls.  Of course it’s countered by more melodic moments, but that juxtaposition between the two forces make for some interesting moments.  “Exploder” is absolutely devastating in its moments of blast-beat driven battery, but the ethereal singing and triumphant guitar melodies make it a real pleasure to hear as it all collides.  No doubt a heavier album than Imploder, the added emphasis on these heavy, chugging moments (see “Breaking Infinity”) makes the trippy, atmospheric moments an even stronger force, as does the more exploratory feeling to some of the lead guitar work.  Vocalist Halas proves herself to be a welcome addition, with solid growls and serene singing that feels different from Bonny, yet entirely at home in the Rage of Light world.

Redemption showcases Rage of Light as a force that is not going anywhere.  They continue to push the fusion boundaries between genres and it’s a beautiful thing to watch them piece the components into something that’s decidedly heavy, but oddly danceable and definitely going to stick in your head for days on end. Rage 2.0 is primed for even more innovative stuff in the future.

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