Power Quest – Master of Illusion (Napalm Records)

Friday, 15th March 2013
Rating: 6/10

You know, there was a time when being anything but menacing in metal was a rather large no-no. No smiles, no good times, and definitely, definitely not any ‘fun’ tunes. That all changed when Helloween came around and made melodic metal fun and peppy, but the ‘Weenie’s always had the tunes to back that approach up. In the case of Power Quest, there simply aren’t enough smiles, let along power metal clichés to brighten one’s day – this is bottom-feeder power metal at its best.

The aforementioned good times rolled out on Master of Illusion are apparent right off the bat when a saccharine keyboard melody guides album opener “Cemetary Gates” which is not the Pantera classic. Singer Alesso Garvello croons with little or any conviction on said track and subsequent numbers like “Human Machine” and “Kings of Eternity” which for all accounts, is a direct nod to Helloween’s happy and joyous tome.

Much ado about nothing has made about Dragonforce’s impact on the power metal scene, made all the more convenient considering from DForce keyboardist Steve Williams twinkles the ivories for Power Quest. Not sure who is worse – a band that openly makes a mockery of power metal along with having their studio tracks ‘doctored,’ or a band that is the composite of all that is wrong with power metal. Take your pick. I’m outta here.


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