Perennial Quest – Perennial Quest (Self-Released)

Wednesday, 28th October 2020
Rating: 9.5/10

This scribe feels fortunate that within the New England metal scene, there are many diverse options if you love melodic/power metal. Through this site we’ve talked about the work of artists like Thunderforge, Adamantis, Goldenhall, and this band Perennial Quest among others – all developing their own style based on experience, influences, and appreciation for the genre. Returning after releasing an impressive demo debut Warriors Through Endless Time in 2017, the band has been able to gel a little more while gaining some live seasoning in clubs/venues across the six New England states. Arriving at this latest self-titled EP, it’s evident that if you love blitzkrieg solos, ripping riffs, soaring vocal melodies, and the feel of Dragonforce colliding into some Teutonic-like finesse in your metal, than Perennial Quest will be your next band to champion.

Wasting no time getting to the axe assault and higher octane BPM tempos, “Twisted Circuits” registers with hurricane fury because of its elevated guitar harmonies along with some solid back and forth gang vocal support for Tony DiBiase’s natural infectious potent delivery, surprising the listener with a calmer sequence around 2:40-3:03 before the proceedings quickly pick up to tapping/arpeggio frantic insanity. The follow-up “Beyond the Light” contains those twin harmony earworms, galloping sequences that take Iron Maiden and Helloween to the next level, plus another twist on a dime calm midsection that allows drummer Kevin Ordway and bassist Ben Sharon a chance to flex a bit of their skill sets. While much of the material has a speedy, over the top quality, Perennial Quest always make sure to develop catchy riffs and hooks to keep their material in a song-oriented format, even as the solo sequences can be quite prolonged and exuberant. Given the average track of the four on here clocks in at just under seven minutes, there’s plenty to treasure – as well as the futuristic slant for many of the lyrical concepts that is a departure from warrior/fantasy battle affairs many of these bands hang their head upon. Favorites change by the day- currently “Twisted Circuits” and the triumphant strains of closer “Nightmare Horizon” get dual devils horns approval and make for delightful air axe simulation bursts.

Yes, many will make comparisons to classic Dragonforce when taking in this EP – the band would never deny their heroes inspiration to their songwriting and over the top guitar proclivities. There’s just so much passion, joy, and splendor emanating from Perennial Quest that it’s very hard not to jump, smile, and become one with the proceedings, especially for those who want music that takes them on a journey away from the present into the future.

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