Paralysis – Mob Justice (Self-Released)

Tuesday, 26th May 2020
Rating: 9/10

Crossover thrash has been a staple of the scene since the 80’s – acts willing to combine the ferocity of hardcore with the stomp and power of thrash. Hailing from New Jersey, Paralysis have been working their way up the ranks through consistent improvement in terms of their craft and personnel – arriving at their second full-length Mob Justice. The first record to feature new drummer Samith Force, it’s quite apparent that more road work and internal chemistry has led the quartet into a sharp, focused machine as a unit showcasing these ten tracks as addictive, aggressive, and ready to steamroll in a live setting.

Assets include the progressive bass ethics of Patrick Harte, the impassioned grit and screams of guitarist Jon Plemenik on vocals plus the quick hitting nature of the songs in general – as half the tracks clock in under three-minutes, and the longest at 4:01 “Oblivious” doesn’t even feel that exhausting to the listener. Songs like “Tombstone” and “Cut Short” contain crisp rhythms, upbeat drumming, and machine gun half-time transitions that meet circle pit approval, much like a modern day version of Nuclear Assault or D.R.I. put through a Sepultura history lesson during their late 80’s/early 90’s explosion into the world. Subtle sound effects weave in and out of certain intros – but the quality musicianship and pull back with certain parts for breath allows the next sonic punch to have that much more impact, as “Onward to Slaughter” illustrates in its shifting gears and solid groove mechanics. The lead work between Jon and second guitarist Ron Iglesias (Toxik) contains the right fiery explosiveness and tight melodic restraint when called for – getting some interesting squeals in for “Vessel of Behavior” while packing intensity in short bursts during “Nihilist”.

Hitting the listener in under a half hour, many will wish for a couple more songs to flesh out the timeframe – but it feels just right for the diverse crossover thrash and mix of mid-tempo to slightly faster arrangements on hand. Mob Justice showcases a band intent on bringing high caliber old-school crossover thrash to a modern, Power Trip-like audience without pandering to certain ‘pizza’ clichés abound these days.

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