Nightland – Obsession (Self Released)

Tuesday, 24th March 2015
Rating: 7.5/10

After sorting through a few EPs and a single, Italy’s Nightland bring forth their debut album, Obsession. The symphonic element is large and is sure to conjure up images of their countrymen Fleshgod Apocalypse and Dimmu Borgir. But one can’t help but notice a little bit of an epic/folk metal flair as you move through the tracks of Obsession.

If one needs a tag to place Nightland, it would undoubtedly fall closest to melodic death/black metal. The grand, often-charging symphonies (see “Icarus”) are almost always accompanied by heavy riffing, though not particularly any overtly Gothenburg-ian tones. Thankfully, the band is not all flash and the riffs (and solid drumwork) aren’t merely filler to ensure the band retains a “metal” tag. Crunchy numbers like “Alpha Et Omega” blast away in a manner that almost evokes Anorexia Nervosa at their most riffy. The title track also keeps things lean and mean, with the symphonic element merely providing the background for a few standout riffs. However, the band does reach for big choruses on a few songs that end up providing a more epic or folk metal approach with clean vocals and bombastic keys. “Last Dance of a Treacherous Mind” brings in a chanted, raise your sword, chorus that leaves a great last impression (along with the orchestral version of “Dreamless Life” that closes out the album).

Seems that Nightland has found their calling with all things symphonic. An enjoyable debut that will thrust you through blistering speeds, grandiose melodies, and sing along choruses, there’s a lot that Nightland does well. Even if it doesn’t fall outside the standard for the genre, this is a band to keep your eyes on.

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