Morta Skuld – Creation Undone (Peaceville Records)

Monday, 19th February 2024
Rating: 8.5 / 10

An active part of the US death metal scene on the recording front for the 1990’s (beyond a staple act on Milwaukee Metalfest), Morta Skuld probably to most readers would be one of those second-tier bands that carved out a cult following, yet never ascended to the Obituary, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse class in terms of making a living at this. They would dissolve in 1998, coming back together in 2012 to eventually release the Serving Two Masters EP in 2014 before signing again with Peaceville Records for the fifth album Wounds Deeper Than Time. Currently only vocalist/ guitarist Dave Gregor remains from the original days – but he has a great group of younger musicians rounding out the quartet to fire up the creative embers through this latest opus Creation Undone.

The savage nature to the riffs combined with a natural energetic presence in when to shift the tempos or push into upper gear ensures numerous highlight moments that sink in deeper through subsequent playbacks. Opener “We Rise We Fall” features a vicious main pulsating riff as drummer Eric House showcases all facets of his octopus-like motions between his speedy footwork and killer main mechanics where everything from semi-blast beats to deadly groove parts slam home the catchy nature to the arrangement. The natural hoarse delivery of Dave’s vocals maintains this rhythmic element of clarity without sacrificing the brutality – menacing next to some of the speedier, double kick / tremolo-fueled passages within “Painful Conflict”. Properly positioning diverse tracks that are a bit more controlled like “Unforeseen Obstacles” or “Self Destructive Emotions” at certain points allows the subsequent shape-shifting madness within a song like the Death-like “Oblivion” or pummeling “Perfect Prey” to achieve it’s desired, brain-melter capacity. The relationship the band has with respected recording engineer Chris Wisco ensures a sound that sculpts the intensity of the songs, yet never wavers in the finer details of killer lead breaks or tones that make the listener feel enveloped in a primal, authentic manner.

Morta Skuld seems to be making the most of this second opportunity to show the world that there’s plenty of strong songwriting and performances left in the tank with Creation Undone. Do not forget about the original breed of death metal, as this is high quality, neck breaking material sure to leave people wanting more.

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