ReviewsMeka Nism – The War Inside (Self-Released)

Meka Nism – The War Inside (Self-Released)

Sometimes it’s all about the presentation and way things are put together when it comes to finding a new act to enjoy. Florida’s Meka Nism have released a few EPs over the past five years, with The War Inside being the latest in the line. When it comes to blurring genres, Meka Nism have already found a way to make it work for them.

While there’s a distinct modern metal feel to Meka Nism, the key to what makes their sound more unique and engaging is the pool of influences that they draw from. On the one hand, there’s a raging melodic death metal and metalcore influence, with heavy grooves and triumphant, galloping melodies at the ready to get heads moving. Synths add to the drama already present and pull out a more climatic tone (as evidenced in the opening title track) to really sell the darker side of the band. But on the other hand, there’s a more gentle/melodic side to the band, borrowing from acts like Lacuna Coil (“These Years of Silent Screams”) to provide more depth. “Black Sky” uses some tasteful piano to generate a slow build-up, combining with Ms. Meka’s fantastic clean vocals, as the track gains momentum into a fever pitch towards the end of the track with darker riffs and growls. The high point of the EP has to be that of “Trailblazer” though, which melds the band’s dual personality into a fiery explosion – driving, thunderous riffs lead their way into a chorus that simply feels ethereal, yet not out of line.

It seems like Meka Nism has a firm grasp on where they want to go as a band with The War Inside. The combination of heaviness and melody may not be anything particularly new at this point, but they have managed to find their own style within it – one that you will have a hard time forgetting once you hear it. A band that could easily find themselves on the rise as word starts to get around.

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