Inhuman Condition – Panic Prayer (Listenable Insanity Records)

Monday, 17th July 2023
Rating: 7.5 / 10

Featuring ex-members of Massacre plus bassist Terry Butler who has legendary experience as a part of Death, Six Feet Under, and now Obituary, Inhuman Condition has been a very active band since starting in 2020. They’ve already released two albums in two years, plus a covers EP with choices from Metallica, Power Trip, Benediction, Faith No More, and Death to widen the influence tree that the trio pulls from. Panic Prayer is the latest outing, an eight-song effort that includes three originals, another cover of a 70’s classic rock staple, plus four live tracks to round out the proceedings.

The three originals traverse the death/thrash platform that is very down to earth – quick hitting affairs that contain the best hooks, sensible transitions, and discernible vocals while still being very heavy and aggressive in all the right spots. Opener “Civilized Holocaust” is a mid-tempo affair that circle pit mavens will treasure, drummer/ vocalist Jeramie Kling laying down a sick, speedy fill combination that propels the next set of riffs into this swirling mass of deadly death-oriented chaos. The title track possesses a bit of crossover, modern stomp qualities, the guitar work from Taylor Nordberg chunky while Terry’s steady bass play slices through the mix in proper bottom end fashion. Those who know US classic rock terrestrial radio stations well will be familiar with Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla”, put through a chugging thrash meets doomier seesaw battle, Taylor unleashing all the tapping, whammy bar tricks during the lead break. The live tracks are split from the two studio albums, showcasing Inhuman Condition in a familiar, primal environment on stage – raw, in your face, and maintaining that core essence of what the band delivers in front of a fairly appreciative Los Angeles audience.

A consistent touring entity since the restrictions have lifted from the pandemic, Panic Prayer is one of those EP’s that serves as a brief introduction into Inhuman Condition if you are unfamiliar with the band. Nothing fancy, just solid old school death/thrash that has plenty of appeal based on the musicians within these ranks.

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