ReviewsIndesinence – III (Profound Lore)

Indesinence – III (Profound Lore)

There’s something to be said for suffocating, lumbering doom. It’s not something that you can just pick up and listen to at a given moment and requires a certain level of time and patience to let things begin to sink in. This is most definitely the case with London’s Indesinence, on their aptly titled III (their third album of course), who slowly rumble and shake through the course of 70 minutes.

Indesinence take a more psychedelic trip through the realms of funeral/death doom than most bands. The lengthier tracks, in particular (see “Strange Meridian”), seem to embrace some drawn-out melodic soloing and riffs that weave their way around ever so strangely. And by strangely, the fact that they meander on and on, yet there’s somehow never a dull moment. It’s truly a master design that the band has developed, as many bands that try to push the more psychedelic arrangement often falter and/or bore the (sober) listener to tears. When they aren’t implementing a more psychedelic side, the riffs are monsters for the most part – lumbering along with darkness and despair. It doesn’t take long for “Nostalgia” to bring these into play, which are the bread and butter for the band. The only misstep that seems to occur during III is the final, self-titled track. When your album is over an hour in length, a 11-minute finale that mostly drums up static and ambience seems a bit of overkill.

Outside of the final track, Indesinence deliver a compelling take on the doom genre. There’s a depth to the material that will take some listens to really register, but by all means worth the effort. III will take you on a doomy dream if you let it. Hit play, close your eyes, and drift away.

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