I Am Your God – The Resurrection (Out of Line Music)

Friday, 23rd October 2020
Rating: 8/10

There’s always a little bit of space to check out an act that manages to pull off some convincing melodic death metal. I Am Your God hail from Finland, and manage to tap into the energy that the genre can exude while balancing it with lots of modern melodies. What’s most impressive is how they can pull it off without diminishing the feelings of either side.

Certainly, some will draw some instant comparisons to bands like In Flames, Soilwork, and perhaps The Unguided in ways, but it’s an accurate measurement. There’s a lot of spirited energy flowing from the riffs, and that’s what makes the effort feel so genuine. With some bands in this ilk going too hard into the ‘melodic’ part, I Am Your God keep plenty of attention on the guitars. Even more melodic songs like “Fall with Me” capture some really elegant guitar lines and leads, to the point where it’s obvious they are playing them up just as much as a catchy chorus. Driving melodies and hooks pepper the faster tracks, such as “The Loop” or “Flowers on Your Grave,” and all but tickle the ears as the guitars merge with some light synthwork (and evident bass) to raise the song up a notch. Other tracks engage groove as well, like “Betrayal,” before dipping into a soaring chorus. That said, they also recognize the need for a big chorus and plan accordingly. Since they aren’t used in every single song, they have more meaning to them, giving “As the Light Goes Down” or “In Those Times” some extra impact.

For a debut album, The Resurrection nails all the melodeath feelings that one could look for in a release. I Am Your God will be an exciting band to watch as they continue to shed their influences and up their game with future releases – especially for those who favor any of the bands mentioned above.

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